Argentous Ident

After working on this project in the studio for the last couple of weeks, DeadPixels are pleased to share our latest piece of animation - a slow paced 30 second ident for Argentous, a London based investment consultancy.


DeadPixels were asked to create an animation that illustrated the various stages and processes that a lump of metallic ore must go through until it has been fully processed into a smooth silver liquid, which in turn could be cast into the shape of the Argentous logo.

We first see the lump of ore appear within a dark cavernous environment, we initially see it beginning to crack and break under pressure - and shortly after its molten core starts to seep out of the cracks. This overflowing liquid starts to collect as it runs through a serious of channels within the landscape, before it finally reaches the Ag logo mould.

Despite tight deadlines - this was a really fun and interesting project to work on that provided us with the opportunity to hone our Z-brush and Realflow skills, as well as finding workable solutions to a few tough technical problems that arose.

You can find more HD still from this project in our Gallery.

The DeadPixels Team!