Forever or Never

Mass Appeal in New York asked us to create the title sequence for their new feature 'Forever or Never'. It was a fun challenge, as we had two deliver in 4K, in a very short timescale!

BIM Sustainability

Dead Pixels completed a new short animation for BIM Bricks - this time highlighting the sustainability of bricks as a product. It was another fun project to work on in the 'miniature world' style.


Ferrero Celebrations

Global agency Cohn & Wolfe tasked us with creating an animated version of their infographic, celebrating 70 years of Ferrero and 50 years of Ferrero in the UK. All the imagery we supplied certainly made us hungry!


Microsoft Mobile Operator Flythrough

As a continuation of our work with Microsoft, we were asked to model and render a virtual flythrough of a mobile phone store, showcasing new products and visual merchandising from Microsoft.


BIM Bricks

Dead Pixels were tasked with branding BIM The challenge involved developing the entire brand from logo, to website design, to full set of brand guidelines. We also completed a short animation to showcase and launch BIM Bricks, and developed other marketing material.